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Should “Bully” Be Rated ‘R’?

Most Americans recognize the following movie ratings: G, PG, PG-13, and R. A film’s rating is based on the following factors: language, drugs, and

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Thinking About Your Next IEP Meeting

The annual IEP season runs from March through June — and sometime in the next few weeks, you’ll likely get a notice in the mail detailing the day,

Student Records Are Confidential

Student records are confidential and should not be distributed to the public. In L.S. v. Mt. Olive Board of Education, the court finds that a schoo

New Jersey Legislature in Trenton

Approved and Proposed Legislation – March 2012

Recently approved and proposed legislation in NJ that may benefit students with disabilities and their parents. (Marc

Swimmer with Anxiety Disorder Loses Case

What type of accommodations, if any, should a school offer to swimmers who have anxiety disorders? If a swimmer experiences severe anxiety at a swim