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Gluten-free Meal Options in College

Celiac disease is an “autoimmune disorder of the small intestine.” The disorder is an immune reaction to gluten, which is a protein found in wheat,

Religious Discrimination and Veganism

When Sakile Chenzira was terminated from her employment at a hospital for refusing to be vaccinated for the flu, she filed a federal lawsuit against

Children with Epilepsy at Day Care Centers

In May 2012, I wrote about toddlers and children with diabetes who face discrimination at day care centers and summer camps. In that blog post, I

Young Woman Crying in the School Hallway

Bullying, Tuition Reimbursement, and the IDEA

In a carefully written and extremely well researched 51-page opinion, a New York federal court held that when a student with a disability experiences

Breed Specific Legislation and the ADA

The government running the city of Aurelia in Iowa doesn’t like pit bulls. In December 2011, the city implemented a breed specific legislation, whic

Insulin pump

Diabetes, Day Care, and Summer Camp

Earlier this month, the press reported stories about parents who face hurdles finding a day care center or summer camp that will accommodate their

Employee time clock to check in and out of work

Nurse’s Regular Attendance is Essential to Job

“Is showing up for work on a predictable basis essential to the job?” This seems to be a very simple question. Yet, that is the essentially t

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Think Thrice About Going to Law School

I generally write on topics involving special education law, First Amendment issues, disability discrimination, bullying, and service animals.


Does ADA Require Trained ASL Interpreters Prior to Arrest?

In January 2006, the Department of Justice published an informative pamphlet, “Communicating with People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: ADA Guid


Disability, Age Waivers, and Sports Tournaments

There is an interesting petition on that seeks to change a rule permitting Michigan high school student Eric Dompierre to play ball for at