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The Year of the (Service) Dog

Most of us who have paid attention to the placemats on the table in a Chinese restaurant will recall that the Chinese calendar is linked to certain

Students with Disabilities and Extracurricular Activities

One of the most important aspects of school is non-academic extracurricular activities. Students who participate in extracurricular activities, suc

Are IEPs Necessary for Service Animals?

In a very controversial and widely publicized case in Illinois that involves a child with autism who wants to bring his service dog to school, t

When Companion Pets Become Service Animals

Three weeks ago, I posted an article titled Badly Behaved ‘Service Animals’, which focuses on a growing social problem involving people who claim

Is Driving a Major Life Activity under the ADA?

Law can be confusing because there are many different definitions of “disability” depending on which statute you are studying. The Americans wit

An Invitation to an Open Dialogue with the AMA

This blog post is in response to recent reports regarding the American Medical Association’s June 2009 resolution that included this statement

Communicating with the Deaf and Speech Impaired

One of the most important cases that affect business owners in New Jersey is a case where a deaf patient repeatedly requested that her doctor hire a

Deaf People are not Deaf to Justice

Deaf people are not deaf to justice. Blind people aren’t blind to justice either. When deaf, hard-of-hearing, blind, and visually-impaired people ar

Service Animals in the Schools

I don’t know about you, but I love reading positive stories about service animals that accompany children with special needs to school. Thr