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Flat Fees, High Fixed Estimates, and Hybrid Contingency Fees

Many non-lawyers may not be aware of it, but the legal market has changed dramatically in the past decade. To be sure, the market has becom

Virtual Law Offices in New Jersey

I am a strong advocate of virtual law offices and non-traditional law practices. This comes as no surprise to my clients and colleagues, as well as

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Contingency Fee Enhancements in NJ

The New Jersey Supreme Court recently held that attorneys may continue to seek awards of contingency fee enhancements. This is significant becaus

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Did Heller’s Attorneys Demand Reasonable Hourly Rates?

In keeping with my recent posts discussing attorney’s fees (see here, there, and over yonder), I will touch on District of Columbia v. Heller. This

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Reversing a Fee Award

This is the third article about attorney’s fees and costs in special education matters. In the first article, I explained that a parent who prevails

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Attorney’s Fees and Frivolous Lawsuits

Several weeks ago, I talked about reimbursement for attorney’s fees and costs in special education matters. I explained that if a parent files a

Attorney’s Fees and Costs in Special Education Cases

No discussion about special education litigation is complete without discussing whether it is possible to get reimbursement for attorney’s fees

Writing Your First Email to a Lawyer

Typically, the first time someone contacts a lawyer is via telephone or email. Some attorneys (like myself) prefer to correspond by email to learn

Ten Tips for Special Education Clients

Attorneys who practice special education enjoy doing what they do. Special education attorneys care about parents and their special needs children

Preparing For Your First Meeting With A Special Education Attorney

When parents of children with special needs contact me for an initial consultation, I always ask them to bring copies of every document that pertains