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Breed Specific Legislation and the ADA

The government running the city of Aurelia in Iowa doesn’t like pit bulls. In December 2011, the city implemented a breed specific legislation, whic

Taxi cabs in New York City

A Service Dog in the Car Trunk

This is a story that made waves in the service dog and pet lovers community last month: A cab driver in Colorado was called to pick up a blind

Service Animals Now “Defined”

Over the past year, I have devoted a substantial amount of time talking about service animals. I have discussed how dogs, miniature horses, and

Service Animals, Tort Reform, and Layla’s Law

It isn’t enough to know the federal laws that protect the right of persons with disabilities to be accompanied by their service animals. Good

Calculating Damages and the Legal Value of Service Animals

The value that individuals with disabilities derive from service animals is immeasurable. But the concept of “immeasurability” is not a quantifiab

Service Animals in Training on Airplanes

Recently, someone who trains service dogs for the blind booked a plane flight to visit family. She wanted to take the dog with her on the plane.

Carter’s Service Dog Case

In a previous blog article (“Are IEPs Necessary for Service Animals?”), I argued that a child with a disability does not need an Individualized

Taking Care of Your Service Animal When Something Happens to You

There is a well known saying: “Nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Let’s face it, no one likes to think about their own mortality. But those of

Accommodating Service Animals

Now that 2009 has come and gone, I look through my files of cases and try to determine the most interesting service animal case I’ve come across this

The Year of the (Service) Dog

Most of us who have paid attention to the placemats on the table in a Chinese restaurant will recall that the Chinese calendar is linked to certain