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These Dogs Go to Court for a Living

Not too long ago, a newspaper article caught my eye. A Florida judge and a black Labrador posed for the camera in the judge’s chambers. The title of

Are IEPs Necessary for Service Animals?

In a very controversial and widely publicized case in Illinois that involves a child with autism who wants to bring his service dog to school, t

When Companion Pets Become Service Animals

Three weeks ago, I posted an article titled Badly Behaved ‘Service Animals’, which focuses on a growing social problem involving people who claim

Badly Behaved “Service Animals”

One emerging social issue that the media is taking notice of is “‘bad’ service animals” or “fake service animals.” As reported in “Servic

Should We Rethink the Concept of Service Animals?

Earlier, I provided an overview of the law regarding service animals. In that post, I parenthetically mentioned a fascinating and engaging New York

Service Animals in the Schools

I don’t know about you, but I love reading positive stories about service animals that accompany children with special needs to school. Thr

Photograph of a service dog

Service Animals and the Law

Animals provide their human counterparts with many things: unconditional love, companionship, protection, and laughter. Six in ten Americans hav