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Refusing to Attend IEP Meetings

I shake my head when I hear “non-attorney special education advocates” advise parents not to attend IEP meetings when litigation is pending. Some of

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The Downward Spiral – Part II

This is Part II of a two part blog series. In the first part, I described unreasonable parents who ultimately find themselves in a downward spiral.

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The Downward Spiral

Imagine that there is a certain parent who constantly bickers about every minor issue at each and every IEP meeting. Imagine that there is a

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Bullying, Tuition Reimbursement, and the IDEA

In a carefully written and extremely well researched 51-page opinion, a New York federal court held that when a student with a disability experiences

Share and Share Alike

I have spoken with parents at great length about their relationships with the IEP team. I’ve emphasized how important the IEP development process

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Who Should Represent Your Special Needs Child?

Parents need to be very careful about asking “special education non-attorney advocates” for legal advice. Not too long ago, I received an ema

Concussions, School Performance, and Accommodations

Concussions are on the rise. The Center for Disease Control recently reported that from 2001 to 2009, the number of emergency hospital visits for

Special Education in The Atlantic

The Atlantic is a well known magazine that publishes articles about a wide range of political and social issues, as well as book reviews and works of

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Cochlear Implant Mapping and the IDEA

As an attorney with a hearing impairment, I read Petit v. United States Department of Education with great interest. Last week, the US Court of

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Unilateral Placements: A big gamble

In the world of special education litigation, the unilateral placement is probably the biggest gamble a parent can make. What is the unilatera