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Thinking About Your Next IEP Meeting

The annual IEP season runs from March through June — and sometime in the next few weeks, you’ll likely get a notice in the mail detailing the day,

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Diabetes, Microwaves, and 504

I previously blogged about food allergies and special dietary needs in school. In that post, I discussed that when a student has special dietary

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Reversing a Fee Award

This is the third article about attorney’s fees and costs in special education matters. In the first article, I explained that a parent who prevails

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Attorney’s Fees and Frivolous Lawsuits

Several weeks ago, I talked about reimbursement for attorney’s fees and costs in special education matters. I explained that if a parent files a

Protect Your Credibility

Quick: What’s the most important quality that a parent should protect and defend when there is a disagreement with school personnel about specia

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Stay Put in Special Education Litigation

In special education litigation, “stay put” is among the most important safety procedural protections that parents have. The stay put

Thinking Like A Special Education Lawyer

Parents who have children with special needs often fall in two basic categories: those who can be objective and those who can’t. Parents who can’t b

Attorney’s Fees and Costs in Special Education Cases

No discussion about special education litigation is complete without discussing whether it is possible to get reimbursement for attorney’s fees

Technology Accessibility in Schools

On May 26, 2011, the U.S. Department of Education published two “Dear Colleague” letters (here and here) and a FAQ on accessible technologies to

How Long Does Special Education Litigation Take?

When potential clients email me or meet with me for an in-person consultation, a common question they ask is, “How long will it take to litigat