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Writing Your First Email to a Lawyer

Typically, the first time someone contacts a lawyer is via telephone or email. Some attorneys (like myself) prefer to correspond by email to learn

What Are My Rights?

From time to time, I receive brief telephone messages on my answering service or a brief email from a concerned parent of a special needs child who

Ten Tips for Special Education Clients

Attorneys who practice special education enjoy doing what they do. Special education attorneys care about parents and their special needs children

NJ Scholarship Opportunity Act and Special Education

The NJ Scholarship Opportunity Act is generating a tremendous amount of buzz these days. Reporters, bloggers, and special interest organizations,

Preparing for IEP Season

The IEP season, which usually runs from March through June, is coming up. In the next couple of months, school districts across the country will b

Food Allergies and Special Dietary Needs in School

When a student has food allergies or special dietary needs, schools may be legally obligated to provide accommodations. When a student has specia

IEPs for HOH/Deaf Kindergarteners

One of several email listservs that I belong to discuss how best to assist children who are hard of hearing or deaf. A listserv member recently asked

Preparing For Your First Meeting With A Special Education Attorney

When parents of children with special needs contact me for an initial consultation, I always ask them to bring copies of every document that pertains

Services at Public Expense for Students with Disabilities in Private Schools

There are two basic scenarios why a parent would place her disabled child in a private school: the parent has a disagreement with the Schoo

Twice Exceptional Students: A Primer

The first time I heard of the term “twice exceptional” was several years ago; and at the time, I had no idea what it meant. I scratched my head, and