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Can the IRS Help Me Get My W2 Form?

Employers who pay employees $600.00 or more and withhold taxes are required to file a W-2 form. Employers are also required to send a copy of the W-2

Free Autism Conference in Teaneck, NJ – June 16, 2012

A colleague of mine in Northern New Jersey, Julia Yong-hee Park, Esq., just informed me that she has been hard at work organizing a free conferenc

Career help book section at a bookstore

Think Thrice About Going to Law School

I generally write on topics involving special education law, First Amendment issues, disability discrimination, bullying, and service animals.

White Stripes: “We’re Going To Be Friends”

This is my 100th post on this blog! I hope you have enjoyed the many blog articles I’ve published here…. And now for something a little bit

Football Player

Learning Disabilities, the Wonderlic Test, and the NFL

Lowell Cohn has a good piece about a college football player with a learning disability who received a low score on the Wonderlic test. T

New Jersey Legislature in Trenton

Approved and Proposed Legislation – March 2012

Recently approved and proposed legislation in NJ that may benefit students with disabilities and their parents. (Marc

School Bus

The Forgotten Kids on the School Bus

Last week, a bus driver and a bus aide picked up a 4 year old child with disabilities in Jersey City, New Jersey, to be taken to an extended-year

Hobby’s for Justice in Newark, NJ

Volunteer Lawyers for Justice (“VLJ”) in New Jersey is a not-for-profit organization that provides pro bono representation to

NJ Scholarship Opportunity Act and Special Education

The NJ Scholarship Opportunity Act is generating a tremendous amount of buzz these days. Reporters, bloggers, and special interest organizations,

Facebook Business Page

I have started a Facebook Business Page where I will share shorter pieces of useful information that will not normally be found on this blog. For