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Video training for Police and First Responders

Previously, I wrote about whether ASL interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing are required when the police is summoned in response to a 911 call.

Below are two excellent police/first responders training videos about how to handle communication issues affecting the deaf and hard of hearing.

The first video below was made by the Spokane Police Department in Spokane, Washington. It offers an excellent overview of the differences between people who are deaf and people who have varying degrees of hearing loss. The video also explains what law enforcement can reasonably expect when interacting with deaf and hard of hearing citizens. Finally, it provides tips and suggestions for police officers on how to communicate effectively with deaf and hard of hearing citizens. This 14 minute video is recommended viewing for all law enforcement across the nation.

For more specific tips and guidelines in how to deal with deaf and hard of people in various situations, such as traffic stops, domestic violence disputes, or witness interview situations, the below police training video made in St. Louis, Missouri, is highly recommended.

If you are aware of other helpful training videos for law enforcement, please feel free to share by providing a link in the comments below.

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